Bandit Body

It is full body, metabolic fitness program. Bandit Body workout system makes working out quick and engaging while attaining amazing results. It combines cardio and muscle building to make a highly energetic metabolic workout that trims and tones your body while minimizing your time spent. Based on a series of intense, total body exercises that use the functional and sleek Bandit Band, an elastic resistance band, for each movement the workout burns fat and builds strength fast.


This is a dynamic circuit is an intense total body, core focused, aerobic and anaerobic workout that will challenge the mind, lungs and muscles. It comprises of 10-15 stations that you will spend anywhere from 20 seconds to 1 minute in depending on the day. In this class you will swing sledge hammers, drag and push stuff, flip tires, jump stuff, do pull ups on various objects. All of these functions will improve grip, core, speed, strength and power. This will help you in all sports or in everyday life.

Iron Fit

Iron fit is a workout that mainly focuses on body weight exercises. Many people falsely believe that it is hard to improve fitness levels by using just body weight. We challenge you to come and find out otherwise.

Mental Tough

(Mill Creek Park) this is a Saturday morning only class in 2 secret locations in the park. We train in all climates meaning this class will never be cancelled, unless I die or am out of town. This work out could be 35 minutes or 1 ½ hours, depending on stations. This workout is more cardio oriented compared to the warehouse. We will run hills, throw and press stones, run and do sit-ups with logs, and climb and drag various objects. Do not wear your “shinny” white shoes to this one.

Speed, Core, and Agility


Speed and core go together with agility in a fast pace explosive class. This class focuses on explosion, balance, speed and quickness. We hit your core hard, do a lot of hip flexibility, footwork, and speed ladder training. We use bands, plyometric boxes, hurdles and much more. This class is not just for athletes, come give it a try.

Strongman /Funtional Power Training & Weights


Our strongman training is seasonal or by appointment, call Dunner (330)360-3637 for information. We really push the body to deal with extreme weights and circumstances, making the body and mind stronger. We use atlas stones, circus dumbbells, tires or various weights and sizes, giant chains, kegs, fat Olympic bars, etc. Call for more information.



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